A Plan for Growth

Transit is critical to Illinois' economy today, and could play an even greater role with the right investments. Extended networks, increased frequencies, fast travel times and better intermodal connections are needed to meet the state's growing demand for high-quality transit.


New buses are needed to increase frequencies throughout the state and improve linkages in communities with limited transit. Re-introducing streetcars is a huge opportunity to improve connectivity and improve public spaces.

Light Rail

Light-rail is the backbone of Chicago's transportation system - and is increasingly important in the Metro East. Recent investments to improve speeds on the "L" are already paying off. More funding is needed to provide faster, more frequent service and expand the reach of light-rail networks.

Commuter Rail

Metra needs immediate funding to repair outdated bridges, unclog key bottlenecks and purchase modern equipment. Many lines would also benefit from much more frequent, transit-like service.


Investments in Amtrak have led to shorter travel times and more frequent service throughout the state. Extensions to the Quad Cities and the Rockford need to move forward. Union Station needs to be modernized. And many routes would benefit from even more frequent service.

Illinois' transit could serve many more people and work much better.

Tell Springfield to Grow, not cut, Illinois Transit!