Why Transit

Public transportation usage has rapidly increased in the past decade, while Americans have begun driving less. Forward-thinking policies are needed to meet this demand. Communities with robust public transit systems enjoy huge benefits:

It's great for your wallet...

A two-person household in Chicago will save $11,698 by swapping one of their cars for public transit. The national average is $9,986.

...And the State's budget

Transit investments recoup 64% of their cost in additional tax revenue generated by increased economic growth. That's infrastructure at half price.

Transit drives the economy

By allowing more people to work together, transit increases economic growth. Every $1 invested in transit creates $4 in economic activity.

Illinois' workforce depends on it

Thousands of people commute on Illinois transit services every day. Increased investments would allow more people to reach jobs, reducing unemployment.

Transit saves time

Avoiding rush hour traffic saves valuable time - and keeps cars of the road, reducing congestion for everyone.

It saves lives

Transit services are significantly safer than driving, saving hundreds of lives and countless injuries each year.

We breathe cleaner air

Transit reduces greenhouse gases and improves air and water quality.

Our communities are more competitive

66% of millennials said good transportation is a top 3 priority in choosing where to live. High-quality transit is critical to attracting new businesses and top young talent.

Tell Springfield to Grow, not cut, Illinois Transit!